Pre-Engineered to last a life time!

When it comes to steel building construction, we set high standards to ensure we cater and meet the needs of every customer. Make us your choice for steel building construction and design needs. We are more than capable and experienced building contractors who can make a lasting impression on your building system project.


No matter the size of your project or the type of building you need, prefabricated steel buildings save you time and money without sacrificing quality or performance. Steel buildings go up faster and require less manpower to erect than wood frame buildings, saving you on labor costs. Since it is a manufactured product, there is less waste compared to traditional construction, so you save on material costs. Plus, steel buildings have a lower initial cost than traditional wood frame structures because the steel is lighter and costs less to ship than wood. Since steel buildings are fire resistant, purchasing a steel building could save you up to 30 percent on your building insurance premiums. 

Our highly experienced team of engineers can design the steel building that’s right for you whether you need a basic shop, a commercial building or a special use structure requiring large open spaces. Our designs are guaranteed to meet your needs as well as your local building code requirements. 

The strength and durability of steel make prefab steel buildings “lifetime structures.” They can withstand all types of weather and with the proper roofing and cladding maintenance will easily last a hundred years or more. Steele’s strength also makes it the only material available that can easily accommodate structures with large, unencumbered spaces of up to 300 feet like arenas and religious use buildings.

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