Mission Statement

Our Mission at SteelGrid is to provide our clients with no less than the greatest possible experience in the construction industry. Exercising “Best Practices” in all aspects of business to produce the best possible outcome for all concerned.

Vision Statement

SteelGrid is committed to continuing the education of it’s employees and directors with the goal of providing a knowledgeable group of individuals dedicated to ensuring the environmental, social and economic needs and requirements of both the client, greater community, SteelGrid and it’s employees are met.


1.1 Safety Policy Statement

Steelgrid is committed to the safety and wellbeing of our employees, clients, the environment, and the general public. Safety is an integral part of our company’s operations and is a key component of both ours’ and our clients’ success.

Steelgrid will abide by all applicable legislation incorporated throughout our safety program while performing quality work in a timely and cost effective manner.

The company is responsible for the implementation and execution of the program. However, it must be recognized that Steelgrid supervisors, workers and sub-contractors all have a responsibility to actively contribute to, maintain and cooperate in attaining the objective of an injury-free workplace.

Employees, workers, sub-contractors, supervision, managers and suppliers shall observe all Steelgrid, WCB, WorkSafeBC, OHS, Mining Act and client safety rules, policies, procedures and regulations.

They shall conduct themselves in a manner that does not endanger the wellbeing of themselves or others and does not cause damage to property. All personnel shall report all unsafe conditions, incidents, accidents or injuries immediately and are encouraged to make recommendations for the continuous improvement of our safety program. Everyone has the right to refuse work in the presence of unsafe conditions.

All participants in the activities of our company that knowingly violate safety rules or do not fulfill their responsibilities with respect to maintaining a safe working environment will be held accountable and may face disciplinary action, dismissal and even potential legal action.

Promotion of healthy attitudes and work conditions within the jurisdiction of the company and its

work sites will contribute to the pride and wellbeing of everyone involved in the operation. Steelgrid prides itself on the excellent culture we have developed through constant promotion of a safe, healthy workplace.

1.4 Environmental Management Policy Statement

At SteelGrid Construction Corp., protecting the environment is the responsibility of every worker, supervisor, manager and contractor in our organization. SteelGrid is committed to sustainable work practices and minimize any adverse impact on the environment resulting from our business activities.

We are committed to delivering services with minimal impact to the environment through the following principles:

–             Focus on prevention of pollution, waste minimization and resource conservation as critical considerations within our core management processes.

–             Compliance with all applicable legal requirements and other requirements to which the Company subscribes in relation to its environmental aspects.

–             Regular performance reviews to ensure that environmental objectives and the requirements of all interested parties are met.

–             Provision of staff training to ensure understanding, implementation and development of these principles throughout our business.

–             Continual improvement with a proactive approach.

Everyone involved in our organization will follow the requirements of the Environmental Management Policy in the performance of their tasks and will ensure this policy is supported and maintained.

This policy will be communicated to our workers, contractors, suppliers and customers.

It will also be made available to the public whenever requested.

Aboriginal Awareness Policy

SteelGrid Construction Corp. recognizes the diversity of Indigenous peoples who live where we work and operate. We understand that the history of Indigenous peoples in Canada has often been over looked. We strive for positive relationships with Indigenous peoples, based on mutual respect and focused on achieving common goals, will create constructive outcomes for the Indigenous communities in which we work. SteelGrid commits to pursue sustainable relationships with Indigenous communities in proximity to where we conduct business.

To achieve this, SteelGrid will follow these principles:

  • We recognize the legal and constitutional rights possessed by Indigenous peoples, and the importance of the relationship between Indigenous peoples and their traditional lands and resources. We commit to working with Indigenous communities in a manner that recognizes and respects those legal and constitutional rights and the traditional lands and resources to which they apply, and we commit to ensuring that our projects and operations are carried out in an environmentally responsible manner. 
  • We commit to working with Indigenous peoples to achieve benefits for them resulting from SteelGrid projects and operations, including opportunities in training and education, employment, procurement, and community development.
  • We foster understanding of the history and culture of Indigenous peoples among SteelGrid employees and contractors, in order to create better relationships between SteelGrid and Indigenous communities.


Steve Visona – Founder / Owner                                                                  Date Created: October 2017



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